First Day of Ramadhan

Today, I spend whole day in house, just stay out for Shalat in mosque. Tilawah, read book, watch TV, listen to music, and blogwalk are my activity today.
When blogwalking, I got a great idea for my business. It is about culinary. I want to modernize baked sweet potato Cilembu. Improve the packaging and some experiment, like adding some taste, cheese maybe.
Hope I can make it happen. And this is a must!
Sad and bad news, I lose opportunity to go oversea, because I can’t send requirements for 2nd wave selection of Harvard MUN 2014 in time. The main reason why I can’t send in time because I don’t confident about myself, I feel very pessimistic. So I didn’t fill the requirements seriously. I have to improve my English!
Oh, this night I got the third line when Taraweeh, the last shaf.
Thank for you, today. I hope tomorrow I will use the day to do more positive and productive activity.

Oleh Arif Abdurahman

Pekerja teks komersial, yang juga mengulik desain visual dan videografi. Pop culture nerd dan weeboo yang punya minat pada psikologi, sastra, dan sejarah.

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