Day 2 of Ramadhan

Yeah, day 2 of Ramadhan! And I got first line in Taraweeh.
Okay, this afternoon, I travel 4 different place; Gramedia Merdeka, Bandung Electronic Center, Balubur Town Square, and Palasari Book Market. For what? Okay, I will tell that actually I plan to pick up the prize from myOyeah, buy new books, and fix my camera. But I just accomplished the second one.
There are it, I buy 3 books…
I failed to pick up the prize because I can’t found RanggaPoint, the place where myOyeah located. And unfortunately, this day is last day I can take the prize.
I visit BEC and Baltos, but I get nothing. My camera still sick.
For the last, my SMS-phobia relapsing, a very very serious problem for me. Oh God, help me please.

Thank God for this day. Always make me a thankful person.

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