Have DSLR and My Photograph Still Sucks

In 2011, my first year in college, I made a wishlist. One of them is DSLR camera. And the miracle happened, after I waited 3 years. Yes, I brought my first DSLR on May 2014. I won a blog competition and spend the prize to buy this big camera.

Before DSLR, I have a compact camera. A point and shoot. Unfortunately it’s broken, but still working.

I am little bit dissapointed because I didn’t research before bought. I got a new Nikon D3100 kit. Yeah, it’s said that this was the best entry-level DSLR. I think I could got a better DSLR by buying a secondhand one. But that’s okay, I love this Nikon D3100.

When I got DSLR, I think I can make a good photograph. Hooray, I am photographer now!

And then I realize, I have to study about photography. Exposure, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focal length, and any other stuff. So, I joined photography forum and learned from internet, especially Youtube.

But, after I got a basic and new knowledge about photography, my photograph still suck.

I just read tutorial more. But do trial and error less.

Oh, I have to shoot more. There’s no instant way to mastering any skill.

My tips for you who just have DSLR, dont join photography forum in Internet. You will got Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

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Arif Abdurahman
Arif Abdurahman

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