Unboxing – Jersey PERSIB 94/95 Taeyeon

Yeah, I’m back again!
Yesterday I make an unboxing video. My first unboxing video. I inspired by Dylan Jacob, a freaking youtuber. And he is sone.

Se here it is…

Haha, my vid is absolutely very damn bad.

Okay, I buy this jersey one week ago. But there are some problem, so I received this yesterday. This is jersey of Persib. A freaking amazing football club from Bandung. Jersey Persib in year 1994-1995, when they won the first Indonesia League, and they successfully advanced to semifinal of Asia Football Champions.

So, this jersey also called “Persib 94-95 Champions”.

Oh, and I order this jersey with custom name, TAEYEON, with number 9. Yeah that name is from one personel of the best global idol group, SNSD. Taeyeon love number 9. And I think 9 represent the SNSD.

Yeah, I’m radically BOBOTOH and SONE!

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