Day 4: My 5 Attractive Artist

Yeah, I have to show pictures of 5 famous person that I find attractive. So, the first is

Ah, his voice is absolutely amazing. How smoothness. I want my life narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Love at first sight when I watched Final Destination 3. Her beauty is too damn high. Oh, I have post about her in my primary blog on Saya dan Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Chloë Grace Moretz! How cuteness she is.

She is my ultimate bias in Girls’ Generation. The one and only member who have A blood type. The youngest member, or also known as maknae. And, she have a good damn vocal.

I just want to be her boyfriend. 😀

Oleh Arif Abdurahman

Pekerja teks komersial, yang juga mengulik desain visual dan videografi. Pop culture nerd dan weeboo yang punya minat pada psikologi, sastra, dan sejarah.

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