What on earth is going on with me? Since last year I became a booklover. I can finish 2-3 books a week. Before that, I’m allergic with book.

I think I should be grateful, it is a good activity. Yeah, there are many advantages can I get. Reading is the window to the world. Increase our knowledge.

For me, read a book is a therapy. And according to studies done by David Lewis, reading better than listening to music to decrease our stress. Yups, reading is the best way I think.

Oh, I love to read fiction book more. Well, I read any book that appeals me.

Enjoy reading

Oleh Arif Abdurahman

Pekerja teks komersial, yang juga mengulik desain visual dan videografi. Pop culture nerd dan weeboo yang punya minat pada psikologi, sastra, dan sejarah.

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